28th February 2002MusicLab Competition Winners!

28th February 2002Image Line Wasp v2.05 released

27th February 2002Massiva X0.70 released

27th February 2002Tobybear Deconstructor v1.5b released

27th February 2002Arturia release Shadow for Storm Music Studio

26th February 2002Native Instruments FM7 v1.02 released

26th February 2002Muzys v2.0 Public Beta released

24th February 2002rgcAudio Pentagon I v1.2 released

24th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 v2.0 released

24th February 2002ArGuru Freebase v0.002 alpha released

24th February 2002DashSynthesis new synths

23rd February 2002Big Tick EP-Station v0.6 released

23rd February 2002Tobybear Deconstructor v1.5a released

22nd February 2002Jeskola XS-1 VSTi & Buzz Sampler released

22nd February 2002FM7 Competition update!

22nd February 2002Kontakt FAQ

22nd February 2002ArGuru Freebase re-released - v0.001 alpha

22nd February 2002MultiTrack Studio v1.2 released

22nd February 2002FXPansion Simple VST Host beta released

21st February 2002Tobybear Electric Cowboy 3000 v0.5 released

21st February 2002Tobybear Helios v1.2 released

21st February 2002Steinberg HALion v1.11 released

21st February 2002New MIDI Continuous Controller screenshots

20th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v1.1 released

19th February 2002Tobybear QuickKeys v0.5 released

19th February 2002Tobybear Helios v1.1 released

19th February 2002Tobybear Deconstructor v1.5 released

19th February 2002DashSynthesis JP9100 for Reaktor updated

15th February 2002Jørgen Aase Cyber v003 released

15th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 v1.5 released

15th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v1.0 released

15th February 2002Sonic Syndicate Junglist v3.01 released

15th February 2002Native Instruments DXi updates

15th February 2002DirectiXer v1.4 released

15th February 2002n-Track Studio v3.0.3 released

15th February 2002DashSynthesis Jupitar 8 for Reaktor updated

13th February 2002Big Tick Ticky Clav v1.0 released

13th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v0.4 released

12th February 2002Big Tick competition winners!

11th February 2002Image Line Wasp 2 VSTi released

11th February 2002!j Development Ninja for Orion

11th February 2002MusicDSP.org launched

10th February 2002Jørgen Aase Synthetic II released

9th February 2002MusicLab release vol. 20 of Guitar Styles for Rhythm'n'Chords

9th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v0.3 released

8th February 2002Jørgen Aase Cyber released

7th February 2002Jeskola XS-1 beta released

7th February 2002SpeedSoft Virtual Sampler v2.74 released

6th February 2002Sound Burst Sample Farm Pro competition winners!

4th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips Crazy Diamonds v0.1 beta released

4th February 2002Rumpelrausch Täips ZR-1 v1.3 released

2nd February 2002Bioroid Turntablist Pro Public Beta 4 released

1st February 2002Massiva X0.69 released

1st February 2002NEW SampleTank FREE instruments!

1st February 2002!j development Ninja released

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