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News Archive for July 2002

31st July 2002Delta SP 2002 release 5 released

31st July 2002JA AudioSynth v016 released

31st July 2002Steinberg The Grand v1.02 released

31st July 2002MultitrackStudio Pro Synth Pack released

31st July 2002LinPlug Alpha released

31st July 2002LinPlug Delta III released

29th July 2002Polac VSTi Loader v1.0 beta for Buzz released.

29th July 2002Sonic Foundry announce VSTi support in ACID PRO 4.0

25th July 2002Delta SP 2002 release 4 released

25th July 2002Energy FREE v1.1 released

25th July 2002Plogue Bidule v0.5 released

24th July 2002SpinAudio ASIO FX Processor v1.1 released

23rd July 2002FXpansion VST-DX Adapter v4.0b4 released

23rd July 2002Delta SP 2002 release 3 released

23rd July 2002Steinberg Nuendo v1.6 released

23rd July 2002Console Sound Modular Studio v1.0 released

21st July 2002Chip32 v0.06 released

21st July 2002VSampler3.com launched

21st July 2002FXpansion DR-008 v1.11 demo released

18th July 2002Steinberg Cubase SL released and SX updated to v1.02

18th July 2002Roland (Japan) Orchestral released

16th July 2002VSTHost v1.05 released

16th July 2002CsoundVST 15-Jul-2002 released

16th July 2002n-Track Studio v3.1.2 released

16th July 2002reFX Slayer v1.2 released

16th July 2002Spectrasonics Stylus Vinyl Groove Module now shipping

13th July 2002reFX Slayer v1.1 update released already

12th July 2002KlangFormer announced

12th July 2002Delta SP 2002 released

12th July 2002Fruityloops v3.55 released

12th July 2002reFX Slayer released

9th July 2002Space Synth v1.1b released

8th July 2002FM7 Sounds Volume 1 released

8th July 2002Antares Kantos v1.0 released

8th July 2002Console Sound Modular Studio announced

7th July 2002Chip32 v0.05 update released

7th July 2002Space Synth v1.1 released

6th July 2002Computer Music DS-404 announced

6th July 2002reFX Slayer announced

5th July 2002DashSynthesis daJayDee for Reaktor

5th July 2002LinPlug Delta III beta released

5th July 2002Muzys v2.25 released

4th July 2002Logic cross-grade offers

4th July 2002M-Tron for OS X and DR008 boxed from GMedia

2nd July 2002LinPlug FreeAlpha v2.0 released

1st July 2002MultitrackStudio Professional 2.0 released