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4drX releases VirtualKeyboard


4drX has released VirtualKeyboard. VirtualKeyboard is designed to display a MIDI file in a standard keyboard layout, to show what a user is playing in video demos, or to send new notes by clicking on its keys.


  • Insert it as a MIDI Instrument, Effect or Logic MIDI Effect 32/64-bit plugin anywhere in a mix.
  • Stop the cursor in a DAW and still see what notes were being played.
  • Visualize the Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain pedals and play them (or hide them by setting "Pedal Height" to 0).
  • Filter the MIDI input by Channel (show only notes of a particular MIDI channel).
  • Resize it: drag its bottom-right corner to change the key height and number of included octaves or increase and decrease the key width, pedal width and pedal height.
  • Restore settings (size, number of octaves and lower key).
  • Hide all controls to show only the keyboard by clicking anywhere on the keyboard while holding the cmd (mac) or ctrl (windows) key.
  • Use it to trigger notes with different velocities (clicking at a different height of each key or using the "velocity" setting to send constant velocities).

Price: 9€.

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