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Reviewed By drjohnwillis [all]
May 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Do not Waist Your Money On Native Instruments Flash and mirrors Komplete Kontrol Keyboards. You only need The VirtualKeyboard Plugin to display all the MIDI notes in a number of colors per MIDI channel in real time across the on screen keyboad GUI. You can even use your computer keyboard to play basic notes and chords with this inexpensive plugin. Thank You so Much 4drX! You literally saved me a Thousand Bucks.

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Reviewed By bobfob [all]
January 13th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.4.7 on Windows

LoopRecorder is hands down my favorite VST looper after trying out about 10 vsts. It has a simple and natural flow when recording. I use it with my Reaper DAW, and just press play on Reaper and LoopRecorder starts recording as soon as I play the first note on my MIDI keyboard. When I am through with my loop, I can just use the mouse and Drag and Drop into a track in Reaper. It's that easy, Record - Drag and Drop - Rinse and Repeat.

I can't name anything that I don't like about this vst, it works like a looping charm.

Here is what I like about the software and why I purchased:

1. Simple to install.

2. Syncs up wonderfully with Reaper daw and I am sure others also.

3. Drag and Drop of loop into Daw when done recording. (This feature saves a ton of time not having to export and import the finished loop!)
Plus you can also save / export the loop.

4. Has MIDI Learn feature so that you can control many functions like -Clear - Undo - Redo by pressing a key on your MIDI controller or a button on your MIDI controller.

5. I found a bug where stereo loops would switch to mono every other measure and then back to stereo, I sent an email to the dev and the dev found and fixed the bug the same day. You can't get better product support than that!!.

Thanks a ton for a Superior Product.

Sincerely, .

Jeff M.

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Reviewed By ran01 [all]
October 31st, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Fantastic. I was looking for a sustain-fade parameter as my DAW does not have it.

The sound is good. The support from KVR technical staff is good. I wonder if.

there is any plug-in to insert other piano sound beside Piano-LL.

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Reviewed By fuchs777 [all]
May 27th, 2018
Version reviewed: latest on Mac

Took me a while to find a multicoloured keyboard as VST. I do piano tutorials, so this is a great help.

Had a problem on the Mac with CPU with plugin.

Support reacted fast and sorted the problem out in 2 days with instructive e-mail dialogue.

Now Im ready to work again.

Thanks a lot.

Christian from Berlin.

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Reviewed By mizpulyn [all]
May 12th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.8 on Windows

I use this plugin as visualiser to see what notes are being played. I use it with chord generators or when i want to see what notes were recorded during previous recording session. I dont use QWERTY keyboard as input - i use 88 key MIDI keyboard - so i cant judge on the features regarding QWERTY input.

I tested several similar plugins and this is the ONLY ONE that has everything:

- no octave limit - i can display all 7+ octaves of my 88 MIDI keyboard.

- keyboard is resizable with absolutely no size limit - i have 30" LCD display and the keyboard is resized edge to edge with nice height too.

- keywidth is also resizable.

- you can scroll the keyboard left / right by 1 key increment so you can choose EXACT crop of the displayed keyboard range
(this is something i couldnt find on any other program - ussually the left / right scrolling jumps by whole octave increments)

- all the size config is REMEMBERED so you adjust the size once and it loads like that everytime you load the VST in future.

- display octave or note names for quick orientation.

- customisable color for active keys to make things high contrast.

- fading is nice bonus - the keys that are released do not loose color immediatelly with Note off message but the color fades down slowly (can be set in miliseconds) - this is nice for piano beginners.

- in Reaper the VST integrates flawlessly and reacts to notes from timeline MIDI clips, notes played live via MIDI keyboard, notes played by any plugin that preceeds this plugin in chain - all at once - no issues... the window can be in foreground or background and always works...

- the tiny icon bars can be hidden and window resized so you ONLY see the black and white keys and nothing else - very very clean design.

Check the DEMO it made me buy it after making sure all the above checks.

For 19 USD i didnt find any plugin that would combine ALL these benefits IN ONE... Congrats for WELL THOUGHT OUT PLUGIN.

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Reviewed By ardente_patience [all]
January 28th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.3 on Windows

It is the tool which (I ignore why) is absent in all most popular daw and which is nevertheless incredibly practical. The designer of the software takes time to listen to your requests with regard to the possible concerns which we can meet, he quickly brings solutions. I deeply advise it to you .

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Reviewed By Pedro777 [all]
January 16th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.4.2 on Mac

Very nice program, with a lot of options:

- works as a stand-alone and as a vst-instrument.

- comes with a nice piano, loading very fast.

- the author is more than willing to explore user-wishes.

- recently he added the option to locate the Sounds-folder elsewhere.

I use the program with much pleasure.

Peter Smith.

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Reviewed By JimGramze [all]
February 21st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.2.2 on Mac

Any time I don't remember what notes are being played on a track, I pop this in and watch the keys. So much easier than squinting at the piano roll. Very handy. Long fade times can spell out those chords for you, just start and stop playback on the chord and it will sit there long enough for the slowest person to locate. Love this thing.

10/10 for what it is.

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