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Abletunes releases RVRB - reverb plugin with advanced features for Mac & Win


Abletunes has released RVRB, an algorithmic reverb plugin with advanced features for cleaner and more controllable reverb tail.

A Soft Attack knob smooths the initial transient and reduces unpleasant smacks in the reverb tail. A Tail Control knob allows you to limit the length of the reverb tail by the input signal length. A built-in compressor makes the reverb tail more prominent and louder.


  • Retina-ready and easy-to-use interface.
  • Full-featured 4 band parametric equalizer for the input signal.
  • 4 band Damping equalizer that allows you not only to reduce high or low frequencies but also to cut certain frequencies.
  • Stereo width control for widening or narrowing the stereo image of the reverb.
  • 12 reverberation algorithms.
  • Real-time spectrum analyzers for both Input and Damping equalizers.
  • 60+ Built-in presets for the most common instruments and sounds.

Price: $99.




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