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accSone releases crusherX-Live! v4.10 and crusherX-Studio! v2.10


accSone has released new versions of crusherX-Live! (v4.10) and crusherX-Studio! (v2.10)

crusherX-Live!crusherX-Live! (€179) is a stand alone synthesizer application whose powerful real-time granular synthesizer algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex sounds and cool multi-channel waves. crusherX-Live! distills and transforms sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusherX-Live! can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit.

crusherX-Studio! (€279) is the pure and native VST plugin version of crusherX-Live!

Both updates share most of these changes:

  • Multi CPU support.
  • Vapor Overdrive section with free definable overdrive curve.
  • 4 more DCOs.
  • MIDI/Joystick/VSTParameter Controller assignment rework. New learn functionality (right Click on controller). Each UI element can now be assigned to any MIDI/Joystick/VSTParam controller.
  • Spline Modulation.
  • Modulation visualization on Vapor panels.
  • Increase from 100 to 500 Generators.
  • Increase from 10 to 100 Grains per Generator.
  • Switch from mono to multichannel granular processing.
  • Stereo input/sampler/DCO.
  • Switch from 32-bit integer to double processing - much more headroom, much more sound precision.
  • Make Vista and Windows7 ready.
  • Add new context sensitive help system.
  • Move to MSI Installer.
  • Remove Spline Editing/Loading crash.
  • Add resizable Spline Edit windows.
  • Table interpolation improves sound, less artifacts on DCOs and vapor section.
  • Change Splash to accSone brand.
  • Add accSone and additional skins.
  • VSTBridges can send MIDI and VST Parameters to the crusher.
  • Make VSTBridges VST 2.4 compatible.


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