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accSone updates crusher-X to v10.30


accSone has announced a free update of crusher-X to version 10.30.

It introduces a multichannel standalone macOS app and enhanced MIDI control and Macro features that were developed on request for the musician, composer and DJ Aphex Twin to be used at the Field Day 2023 outdoor music festival, Victoria Park London.


  • Adds macOS Standalone App Version with 4 Input and 10 Output Channel Audio and MIDI routing support.
  • Adds 8 MACRO plug-in parameters that can be used for free UI Element Mappings in the MACRO Mapping Editor. Thanks Aphex Twin for this feature request.
  • Adds MACRO P Tab in the MACRO Map (formally named MIDI Map) to list Macro Parameter and MIDI Controllers that are stored in Program Memory.
  • Adds MACRO Map button dimly lit to indicate that MACRO P mapping list is not empty (Controllers loaded by a program are assigned).
  • Adds Global and Program Memory options to the Learn Context Menu.
  • Adds "Current value as max" in Learn Context Menu to set the range of the controller learning by using the current UI element value as the maximum.
  • Adds "Around current value" in Learn Context Menu to set the range of the controller learning by using the current UI element value as the center.
  • Adds "Set to current value" in Learn Context Menu to map a certain UI element value to a MIDI Controller or MACRO Parameter. Useful for live performances to "reset" an UI element to a certain value.
  • Adds Learn Context Menu to the Generator wheel.
  • Adds Program Number edit field to the Program Panel. Useful for a fast program selection also in combination with the new "Learn Controller to set Position" feature.
  • Adds a Reset of FilterMode and MIDI Mode to the Grain Modulation Reset Buttons.
  • Adds MIDI Omni Mode for MACRO Map in Settings Editor.
  • Adds enabling of the MACRO Maps Change button if list entry was already selected by a controller.
  • Adds Visuals.GrainView.RotateX and Visuals.GrainView.RotateY plug-in parameter to control the Grain Views rotation.
  • Cleans up Grain Modulation / LFO view and moved "Morph LFOs to 0Hz" button to Granulizer panel, moves LFO counter to Grain Modulations panel header, moves.
  • Grain counter to Grain View panel header.
  • Improves LFO counter accuracy.
  • Improves spectral balance of Grain Modulation Feedback Loop.
  • Improves Program Selector behavior to avoid unwanted program changes using a touch pad.
  • Fixes issue with MACRO Map editor grid scroll bar.
  • VST3: Fixes saving of the plug-in state under Bitwig 4 and other legacy VST3 hosts.
  • Standalone: Adds Click on the Status Bar Tempo section restarts internal beat counter.
  • Standalone: Changes Audio Engine Setup Dialog from modal to floating.

crusher-X 10 licensees can follow the download instructions described in their crusher-X 10 delivery mail (received after purchase). The challenge/response wizard will not show up if already executed with crusher-X 10.


All prices incl. VAT. For outside EU residents VAT will be removed.




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