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Andi Vax Free Video Tutorial "COMPRESSION"

Andi Vax

Andi Vax - Compression (Free Video Tutorial):

  • History Of Compression.
  • Theory Of Compression.
  • How To Use A Compressor.
  • Compressor Settings.
  • Practical Using Of Compressor.
  • Errors When Using Compressor.

Andi Vax - COMPRESSION (Free Video Tutorial)

00:36 History of compression.

02:00 Theory of compression
03:01 Basic controls of the compressor
07:17 Mono, Stero, Dual mono compressor
08:07 Mid-Side compressor.

10:41 How to use a compressor
11:41 Signal dynamics control
12:19 Creative compression
14:36 Adding character using hardware compressor emulations
15:01 "Glue" a few instruments or mix
15:50 Multiband compression
17:27 Expander
17:56 Gate
19:47 De-esser
20:23 Limiter/Maximizer
21:16 Parallel compression
22:16 Outboard compressor during recording.

23:52 Compressor settings. ARRT Rule.

27:13 Practical using of compressor
27:59 Pumping drums
29:38 Synth sequence dynamics control
30:20 BUS compression
30:49 Vocals compression
32:47 Adding color and character to the sound.

33:21 Errors when using compressor
33:31 Incorrect use of threshold and ratio
34:01 Incorrect setup of attack and release
34:34 The same value of compression on all instruments
34:49 No compression at all.

35:11 The conclusion.



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