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Helgoboss Projects releases Playtime v1.5.0 for REAPER

Helgoboss Projects

Helgoboss Projects has released Playtime version 1.5.0 for REAPER.

Playtime is a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER.

New features:

  • Improved controller support.
  • Keyboard control.
  • Advanced untrigger and offset modes.
  • Option to build a scene using currently playing clips.
  • Support for tempo markers.

Complete list of changes:

  • Added action to show/hide Playtime (only available if Playtime is loaded).
  • Added option 'Keyboard control' in preferences to allow controlling Playtime via computer keyboard (cursor keys, Shift+Return).
  • Added support for pressing delete key to clear slot and delete item.
  • Added option 'Connected controller' in settings: Provides better support for Launchpad-like controllers (fixed MIDI triggers, controller-specific lights, controller configuration files, defaults to generic controller without visual feedback, currently configuration files exist for Launchpad, Orbit and APC40, contributions are welcome).
  • Added support for tempo markers (adjusts audio playrate accordingly).
  • Added option 'Offset mode' in settings.
  • Added offset mode 'Continue' for not always restarting clips but resuming them from where they left off.
  • Added offset mode 'Relative gate' for starting clips as if they would have never stopped (acts like a gate, works best with trigger/untrigger mode 'Immediately' and exclusive mode off).
  • Added offset mode 'Absolute gate' for starting clips synced to measure (acts like a gate, works best with trigger/untrigger mode 'Immediately' and exclusive mode off).
  • Added untrigger mode 'Clip end' for playing a clip until its end even if it isn't a one shot.
  • Added scene context menu entry 'Build from playing clips' (only possible if scene is empty).
  • Added 'Sluggishness tolerance' setting so one can influence how much tolerance Playtime shows if a slot is triggered just a moment after the start of a measure.
  • Added support for quickly setting up all MIDI triggers for supported controllers (setting 'Connected controller').
  • Added possibility to generate controller configuration file template based on current MIDI triggers (context menu entry on 'Connected controller' label).
  • Added offline PDF user guide with link in Playtime user interface.
  • Improved keyboard handling on Mac OS X: Playtime doesn't lose focus any more if a REAPER shortcut is pressed.
  • Improved one shot handling: Use time base 'Beats (position only) ' so tempo doesn't influence playrate.
  • Fixed wrong item length calculations for clips with playrate lower or greater than 1.
  • Fixed wrong item cut when copying clip while playing (no glue any more).
  • Fixed non-playing memorized slots if scene is triggered when transport stopped.


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