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Anemond releases "Factorsynth 3" Sound Deconstructor VST3/AU


Anemond has released Factorsynth 3, a new version of the software tool for sound deconstruction. Previously only available as a Max For Live device compatible with Ableton Live, the new version 3 brings the Factorsynth technology to all VST/AU compatible DAWs. For the first time, it also runs as a standalone application.

Factorsynth is an audio effect that decomposes ("factorizes") audio samples into a set of spectral and temporal elements using a machine learning algorithm. These elements can be then manipulated, remixed and recombined in many ways to create complex textures, create rhythmic and melodic variations, randomize timbre and panning or create hybrid sounds.

When a sound is imported into Factorsynth, it analyzes it and displays a set of horizontal time elements ("T-shapes") and of vertical spectral shapes ("S-shapes"). The button matrix on the interface is then used to connect any T-shape with any S-shape, generating new sounds. By importing a second clip, called the "X-syn" sound (for "cross-synthesis"), it is possible to combine elements of both sounds and thus create hybrids.

There are a series of additional controls that allow to randomize the connections, the temporal positions or the panning of the components. This allows performing powerful transformations with a single click, such as changing the rhythm of a drum loop, the melody of a synth lead or turning mono clips into stereo.

Although conceptually related, Factorsynth is not a stem separator. It is not intended to unmix full instruments (voice, drums, ...) from full tracks, but to discover and extract unpredictable but interesting sound elements with a certain degree of structure (notes, drum hits, rhythmical or melodic motifs).

Besides a complete rewrite as a plugin, version 3 includes several new features, such as sampler mode, which instantly launches components via MIDI and therefore allows to use Factorsynth as an instrument.

Factorsynth 3 is available as a VST3 and AUv2 plugin, and also as a Mac OS and Windows standalone application:

  • For plugin and standalone versions: Mac OS (Intel/M1/M2) or Windows (64-bit).
  • For plugin versions: 64-bit DAW compatible with VST3 or AUv2.

Availability & Pricing

Factorsynth 3 is available for download or purchase at anemond.net:

  • Each version contains the full VST/AU and standalone variants.
  • Full version: 80 EUR plus V.A.T.
  • Upgrade: 20 EUR plus V.A.T. (for owners of Factorsynth versions 1 or 2).
  • Free demo (runs for 20 minutes at a time. Exporting and component editing are disabled).
  • IRCAM Forum deal: Factorsynth is a member of the IRCAM Forum. Premium members of the forum can get a 25% discount.


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