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Angry Red Planet releases Sequitur beta v1.0.3

Angry Red Planet

Angry Red Planet has released beta version 1.0.3 of Sequitur.

Changes since the first beta:

  • Improved VST scanning. Fixed some crashes although some (apparently environment-dependent) still exist. If you've had problems with a previous release, the easiest thing to do is run Uninstaller to clear out the Sequitur-generated folders and return things to a clean state, then run Sequitur.
  • Added Uninstaller utility for deleting folders created by running Sequitur. This utility can also be used to return Sequitur to a clean install state.
  • Any time a new VST is scanned that caused a problem, Sequitur will give you the option to send an email to support with the info.
  • Fixed various bugs in handling non-ASCII characters, that would cause errors when they occur in file names and other places.
  • Initial setup now records the VST path and other info, so that if a VST crashes it, it can continue scanning the next time the app runs.
  • New songs no longer have a default VSTi track. To create a new one, select from the menu Tracks->Add Synth Track-> and choose the desired VST.
  • If a VST crashes during scan, then restarting Sequitur should continue with the scan after the bad VST.


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