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Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.16

Angry Red Planet

Angry Red Planet has updated Temper to v0.9.16.


  • Added markers to the song ruler. Right click to add a marker, use numeric keypad 1-9 to set the current song position on the marker.
  • Added grid to the song area. You can quantize by measures or beats, or turn the grid off. Holding down ALT will defeat the grid temporarily, like in the track editor.
  • Added support for sending MIDI NRPNs.
  • The track alpha levels (i.e. the visibility of notes from other tracks) is now retained.
  • Fix: Crashing bug that happened when you solo'd a group that was in an inactive track.
  • Fix: Punch in/out recording wasn't working with audio tracks.


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