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Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.14

Angry Red Planet

Angry Red Planet has updated Temper to v0.9.14. As well as some important bug fixes there are two major new additions, the ability to edit multiple tracks simultaneously, and a new Workbench mode that lets you chain tools together to process selected events.


  • Temper A: Added new tool, Groove, for applying a time offset to events. A shape is used to determine the offset, see documentation.
  • Added ability to edit multiple tracks simultaneously, see documentation.
  • Added new Workbench mode, for processing selected events (including events across multiple tracks) with advanced tools (Flip, Quantize, Velocirapture, etc.), see documentation.
  • Added Tool browser, basically just a list of tools, but if you click on one you will get an inspector that includes a link to the tool's online documentation.
  • Added chords, accessible from the key signature in the song ruler.
  • Fix: Audio events were displaying incorrectly when tempo was changed.
  • Fix: MIDI recording was broken when tempo tap was added.
  • Fix: Various MIDI editing bugs.


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