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ART Teknika Console v1.02 released

ART Teknika

  • In DX/DXi plugin mode, when data was entered in the piano roll the MIDI channel set for the track was not received properly.
  • Some plugins would lose their sound when playback and stop was repeated.
  • In some cases PSP plugins were not displayed.
  • In some cases, manipulating the plugin GUI (opening separate dialog boxes from within the plugin) would cause the plugin GUI and the CONSOLE list window to lock up.
  • There was a problem with MIDI timing when recording in CSL_Sequencer. (CSL_Sequencer is currently beta. There are plans for adding control of velocity and MIDI CC for the final version.)
  • Other minor fixes.


  • When the audio wiring in MODULE is done with the SHIFT key pressed, the next channel can also be connected, facilitating stereo wiring.
  • Steps have been taken to prevent audio clipping when outputting from stand-alone mode. They are not implemented in plugin mode, but they can be if there is demand for it.
  • When used in DX/DXi plugin mode the main window of CONSOLE becomes hidden behind the host. For this reason a switch has been added in the CONSOLE property window for keeping CONSOLE always in front.
  • It is now possible to manipulate MODULE solely by using the keyboard. Other ways of input may be added in the future.


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