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Audible Genius updates Beat Composition course "Building Blocks"

Audible Genius

Audible Genius has announced the v1.72 update for its Building Blocks course, introducing a range of new features and improvements designed to elevate the learning experience for music producers. This update focuses on enhancing flexibility, control, and efficiency in music production education.

What's New:

  • Challenge Scoring Adjustments: Now includes leniency in challenge scoring for subtle elements like drum velocity, legato, grace notes, and Hi-Hats that are masked by the snare.
  • Drum Lanes: Users gain individual control over each drum sound with options for drum sound, volume adjustment, muting, and soloing.
  • Editable Track Sounds: Available in the Create/Experiment/Sing lessons by clicking the gear icon, enabling on-the-fly sound tweaks.
  • Easier Note Editing: Right Click or CTRL Click now erases notes in Note mode, streamlining the editing process.
  • Auto-Restart Button: Ensures the playhead returns to the start when pressing Play, improving practice sessions.


  • Removal of the thrice completion requirement for Mind's Ear exercises.
  • Music tweaks to enhance the detection of subtle details.
  • Introduction of a "Next Lesson" button for quick lesson progression.
  • "Enter" key reconfigured to send the playhead back to the beginning, aligning with DAW standards.

Technical Enhancements:

  • Reduced Studio load times.
  • More consistent double-click-to-delete response.
  • Safari-specific fixes for playback and drum sample issues.

Pricing Information: These updates are provided at no extra cost to all "Building Blocks" users.

Check out these videos for a walkthrough of the recent changes:

V 1.72

V 1.71



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