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Audio Ease updates Altiverb for Mac to v7.0.3

Audio Ease

Audio Ease has updated the Mac version of Altiverb to version 7.0.3.

Fixes in Altiverb 7.0.3:

  • Improved: IR loading time in TDM has been reduced.
  • Fixed: IR not found errors. The extension matching is case sensitive..L and.R extension are found now.
  • Fixed: Similar did not work on User IRs. Now it compares to Audio Ease IRs only.
  • Fixed: crash in VST version at session load when IRs can’t be found.
  • Fixed: VST version did not show the additional channel volume controls in XL version.
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop in VST (mainly Cubase and Nuendo) did not work.
  • Improved: mono-mono instance of Altiverb can load any IR (also multi channel).
  • Improved: loading of host plug-in presets is faster.
  • Fixed: an issue in Pro Tools when track automated "Automation Preset Parms" aka Snapshots where used in conjunction with other parameters.
  • Fixed: the installer would crash when it finds strange characters.
  • Fixed: the interface for offline processing in Digital Performer is on the wrong position.
  • Fixed: Pre delay could reset itself.
  • Fixed: drag import of AIFF files would not work correctly in 64 bits versions.
  • Fixed: hang when drag import split files.
  • Fixed: pre delay of notes gets changed when tempo changes exists in a song.
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements.

Fixes in Altiverb 7.0.2:

  • Fixed backward compatibility Snapshots/Automation Preset Index.
  • Improved on compatibility with Reaper.
  • Improved on compatibility with Wave Editor.
  • Fixed crashing installer when no Internet available.
  • Preferred IRs are remembered better.
  • Browser User IRs only showing correct channel configs.


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