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Audio Ease updates Altiverb for Win and Mac to v7.2.5

Audio Ease

Audio Ease has updated Altiverb for Windows and Mac OS X to v7.2.5.

Altiverb 7.2.5:

  • Runs in Pro Tools 10.3.10.
  • AudioSuite Altiverb reads Pro Tools presets again.
  • Compatible with Cubase 8 ASIO Guard.
  • Mono in mono out aeir ir hang solved.
  • Less logging AAX when in MIDI-path.

Altiverb 7.2.4:

  • Mac & AAX: signing now compatible with Mac OS 10.8 and 10.7 (fixes bug introduced in 7.2.3 AAX on Mac OS 10.8 and 10.7).
  • VST: IR automation now works in Ableton Live.
  • mono to quad IRs in a mono to quad Altiverb now load properly (bug introduced in 7.2.3).

Altiverb 7.2.3:

  • AAX: removed level trouble in Hybrid header (only applies when a mono input IR was loaded into a stereo input AAX Altiverb, the first 40 milliseconds of the IR were too loud in previous Altiverb 7 version, this update addresses this).
  • AAX: the EQ is applied properly to the reverb tail now.
  • Loading time reduced.
  • AudioSuite: different versions for different channel configurations are back.
  • AAX: Shows parameter values in track automation.
  • AudioSuite has bypass now.
  • All User Created IRs and Third Party IRs are now shown in every channel configuration of Altiverb and can load into the engine (no more need to load a mono Altiverb to load your mono IR).
  • Loading of sessions with Altiverb 6 inserted are handled better now.
  • Solved issues with loading Altiverb presets.
  • Digital Performer: VST validates now.
  • Wavelab: Popup menus work now.
  • Checking for new versions (online) does not crash any more on connection failures.
  • Windows: higher sample rates (96 kHz or up) have correct levels now.
  • IR import with starter pistol correction does not crash any more.
  • Improved handling of direct region in IRs that have no direct sound (like spring reverbs).
  • Download progress is back (for IR downloads in Altiverb).
  • When an IR has no direct sound, regions are adjusted accordingly now.
  • Improved display of IR-waveform when using higher samples rates (above 96 kHz).
  • Cubase & Nuendo: possible crash on quit removed.
  • Screensaver does not eat memory any more.
  • Improved key handling when browser window is open.
  • Loading of data for the similar function is now postponed until the similar button is clicked.
  • AudioSuite: removed strange behaviour.
  • AAX: solved song loading issues.
  • MAS: solved song loading issues (settings, mainly IR, not recalling properly).
  • Sequoia: solved song loading issues (settings, mainly IR, not recalling properly).
  • Sonar: solved song loading issues (settings, mainly IR, not recalling properly).
  • Downloaded (and installed) IR set archives are moved to the trash now.
  • Improved on search results in the IR Browser.
  • Reaper: Altiverb XL can do any channel configuration in VST now.
  • Windows: Altiverb now can be used by non-administrator users.
  • Pyramix: solved some issues (offline mixdown and non-tracking automation).
  • Improved stability when loading (lots of) User Created / Third Party IRs.
  • Various other small improvements.


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