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Audio Ease Altiverb v4.0 released

Audio Ease

Audio Ease have released Altiverb v4.0 a major update to their convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS9/X.

Altiverb 4 continues to lead the way for convolution reverbs, with superb impulse responses, tail lengths of 15 seconds and more, multi-channel surround processing, ultra-low latency and most importantly (number 1 requested feature), a 3x increase in G5 processor efficiency, and close two a 2X increase in g4 processor efficiency. In a 48 kHz session on a single processor G5, you can now instantiate 8 full stereo Altiverbs with 6-second reverb tails.

The number 2 and 3 most requested features were implemented in v4 as well:

The number 2 most frequently requested feature is tone control that affects only the reverb, not the dry signal. It should freshen up or take out just a little off the low end of the reverb while leaving the main character of a room intact. It should work well on broadband audio (i.e. on multiple instruments simultaneously) and should be subtle in its adjustments, never making a room sound unnatural. Finally and importantly it should never turn phase more than 90 degrees. This is to prevent (audible) cancellation of certain frequencies, when dry is mixed with wet signal. Audio Ease have reviewed several options available for mastering type applications, and decided upon the classic 1950's Baxandall EQ, used and applauded by Bob Katz, George Massenburg and the likes.

The number 3 most frequently requested feature: Using automation to switch Impulse Responses (acoustic samples) while a project is playing. Most notably in audio Post production this is a must (and it is not offered in any other convolution reverb). Audio Ease took the concept a step further and decided upon snapshot automation. You can make a complete setting, including Impulse Responses, EQ, reverb length wet dry mix etc, and store a snapshot of it. The snapshot itself is an automatable parameter. This means you can either simply record snapshot switches in your sequencer or ProTools, or you can insert snapshot recalls by graphically editing automation data.

Altiverb v4 is a $99 USD upgrade to the Audio Unit, and OSX versions of VST, HTDM, RTAS and MAS plug-ins. The full version has a RRP of $495 USD for the VST/MAS/RTAS/AU bundle and the HTDM/RTAS/MAS/VST/AU Bundle costs $795 USD.

Downloadable demos are available.


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