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audioD3CK releases Public Betas of Peng, TagAFile, ModCut & SunRuys, updates R.A.O.N. series (all incl. RTAS support) and announces Xmas Sale


audioD3CK has released public betas for four new products: Peng, TagAFile, ModCut and SunRuys.

Peng, 49 €, is a semi-modular drum sampler geared towards a fast workflow while sustaining a comprehensive feature set. It features an integrated browser, integrated DSP, an integrated mixing engine and a template-based workflow. Peng's internal sample browser TagAFile is also available as a separate product to complement your DAW for 19 €.

ModCut, 19 €, is a sample scratcher utilizing audioD3CK's sample navigator. You can load a sample, find the right range to scratch and scratch it with your mod wheel.

SunRuys, 29 €, is a flexible compressor designed to be used on mix busses. It aims towards a transparent character. SunRuys will be part of the upcoming SunSeries that will eventually merge into a channel strip.

All R.A.O.N. series products have been updated as well, including a hot-fix for all known bugs in the current release version 1.5. The update is contained in the installers available on the official website.

All new (and "old") plug-ins are in a public beta testing stage for the next version 1.6. New features are:

  • RTAS builds for OS X and Windows.
  • A new context sensitive help bar on the bottom of all plug-ins.

For more information about the beta testing visit the forum.

Last but not least, audioD3CK is having a sale, giving 15% off on top of the beta discounts and bundle prices and a group buy that will set all audioD3CK plugins free for a limited time if the goal of 12.345 € is reached.



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