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audioD3CK updates R.A.O.N. bundle and ModCut and announces ModCutPro - Virtual-turntable-scratcher


audioD3CK has updated all plugins of their R.A.O.N. Series, bringing standalone support, new UI features, and bug fixes.

The bundle consists of 5 plug-ins:

ModCutPro builds upon ModCut, enhancing the concept with sample playback, gating, spin-up playback and crossfading. ModCutPro also has integrated instances of TagAFile and Eekjuliza.

ModCut has also been updated to have an additional oversampling feature. The update is free of charge for existing customers, upgrades to ModCutPro will also be available at some point in the future.

The SunSeries bundle has been discontinued and SunRuys is now part of the R.A.O.N. bundle. Customers will get a discount to upgrade to the R.A.O.N. bundle.

The update is free for existing users.

Here are some sound demos of ModCutPro: SoundCloud.com/audiod3ck/sets/modcutpro



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