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Audjoo releases a new beta version of Helix


Audjoo has released a new beta version of Helix.


  • Both RMS and Peak are used to normalize waves.
  • Reverb predelay is now in seconds.
  • Master Volume (Not changed when you're flipping through presets).
  • Simple Limiter.
  • Limiter per Voice (a filter-type).
  • Kill voices on preset change.
  • Reset Delay and Reverb on preset-change.
  • Delay time 0 is now supported (used to wrap to 1 second).
  • Wave display shows discontinuities.
  • Times in envelopes upped to 64 seconds.
  • Some displays were offset slightly (step seq. and super-count, among others).
  • Boost fundamental creates one if none exists.
  • More LFO shapes.
  • Full names on LFOs.
  • Redraw performance fix.


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