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Renoise v1.9 released


Version 1.9 of Renoise is now available.

Highlights of Renoise 1.9:

  • Multi-core support: Renoise 1.9 will take advantage of all the cores in your multi-core processor to boost up performance, allowing you to add much more and heavier DSPs, tracks, VST FX and VST Instruments than before.
  • 6 New DSP devices: New artillery for the loudness war: the Bus Compressor and Maximizer have been created without any concessions in regard to quality, with exceptional 64-bit dithering and feedback transient analysis. The Velocity Device opens a new world of level-driven FX manipulation. The other devices are Chorus, Distortion 2 and Gate 2.
  • Supercharged DSP devices: Existing DSPs have received an overhaul, including filter response graphs for the 64-bit EQ devices, the intuitive LPC frequency unit in the LFO device and 64-bit precision filter auxiliary sections. And that is just scratching the surface.
  • Improved MIDI support: Fast and stable MIDI timing through WDM MIDI drivers, adjustable jitter reduction for the MIDI Clock to improve external synchronization, hot-pluggable devices on OS X and non-blocking MIDI connections on Windows.
  • Preset handling for Renoise's DSP devices: Organize your original DSP settings to have quick access to your signature sound, or get quality presets from other users to save yourself time. The A/B Comparison feature lets you switch between two configurations so you can decide which one sounds best.
  • Adjustable rulers in the Sample Editor: The rulers in the Sample Editor will help you to slice your beats. With a right-click you can switch the scale. Enable Snapping to snap to the nearest division and you got yourself a homebrew beatslicer. Well, almost.
  • Per-Sample Interpolation and NNA: The interpolation mode and New Note Action (NNA) have been moved from instrument level down to sample level. Chiptune artists take notice, it is now possible to disable interpolation to preserve that authentic crunchy sound.

The Full Change List

New functions:

  • Added Bus compressor DSP.
  • Added Maximizer DSP.
  • Added a chorus effect.
  • Added new Distortion DSP (old one still loads through old songs).
  • Added search bar in Disk Op.
  • Added a "*Velocity Device" (with different vel. scalings thanks to pulsar).
  • Hotplugging of MIDI devices for OS X (no chance to get this done for Windows).
  • Multi CPU support (multi-CPU/multi-core, sorry no HT).
  • Improved MIDI Clock Master support.
  • There is now also a default pattern length option.
  • Added peak indicators to the master track device.

Upgraded functionality:

  • Added merge command to pattern sequencer which creates one large pattern out of a selected sequence.
  • The Middle Mouse now triggers a sample preview in the Sample Editor, so you can quickly click to preview large samples (from different offsets).
  • Added post volume control in the effects area.
  • Added a Re-initialize button into the Audio Preferences.
  • Added interpolation mode per sample.
  • Added preset handling in effects.
  • Added A/B mode in effects.
  • Added configurable Rulers in sample editor (right-click on rulers pops context menu).
  • Added stage control to the phaser.
  • Added more quantize options to the sample editor (Shortcuts are Control + 0,1,2,3,4,5,6).
  • The pattern highlight settings are now saved per song, no longer in the preferences. You will find them in the song properties pane.
  • MIDI device are now only opened when they are used.
  • You can now render your songs in 88.2 khz.
  • Adding new samples to a drumkit instrument, will now update the base notes and sample splits in the instrument editor automatically.
  • Freq and Q controls for the EQ5 and EQ10.
  • The LFO device has a custom mode now, where you can draw tiny envelopes.
  • The LFO devices frequency is now shown/editable in Lines Per Cycle, so you can now enter for example 64 to let the LFO cycle once per pattern (if the pattern has 64 lines).
  • "BPM sync" for the delay device.
  • Pan TAP added for the delay device.
  • Line sync added for the delay device.
  • Phase inversion switches to the gainer device.
  • Added filter control to the flanger device.
  • Meters for all the amp related devices.
  • Surround width is available in the Stereo Expander as well.
  • Freq graphs for all EQs.
  • Channel control (L/R / L+R) for all EQs.
  • New mpReverb2.
  • New "soft" fullscreen mode on Windows.
  • Support for dead characters in all Renoise text fields (you can type,enter combined characters like ñ now…).
  • Own drawn Caption and resize borders on Windows.
  • All delay lines are now "smoothed", so that you don't get clicks when changing the delay time.
  • All Buttons, Chooser, Whatever (non sliders) in the FX devices will now show the pattern code in the status-bar on left clicks and write automation or pattern codes (depending on fx recording mode) on right clicks. Including the Device On/Off button.
  • Upgraded the internal Flac to 1.1.4 (should be a bit faster and compress better).


  • Render Selection In Pattern With Null Selection, Crashes Renoise.
  • Normalizing A Sample Doesn't Change Bit Depth, (to 32bit float).
  • Hitting Rec, change playback position.
  • Program Load Bug With Komplexer VSTi.
  • Delete - >"all Automation In Song" Only Affects current open pattern.
  • LFO GUI update when type change performed by effect command.
  • Undo enter new Pattern Name doesn't refresh, gui.
  • Tooltip Pattern Wrap.
  • Song Comments focus now exclusively visualized.
  • Incompatibility issues with 1.5 RNS songs where VSTI plugins could be loaded with the wrong patches.
  • Crash when deleting a playing sample or instrument on the master track.
  • Copy/paste selections in unequal note/effect columns, pattern command values unpasted.
  • Disabled context "copy/paste selection" into automation when no automation yet exists.
  • Double-click song in explorer and VST Plugins, Doesn't tell me which ones I need.
  • 24 Bit Sample Gets Broken, when using flac.
  • AIFF files with empty copyright header won't load.
  • Oscilloscope graphic glitch caused by missing updates.
  • Japanese keyboard bug using modifier keys.
  • Midiccdevice Automation Envelope Polls CCs Too Often.


  • Removed quality mode in song settings.
  • Split 09xx and Pitch mode in song settings.
  • Moved the mastering settings "Soft Clipping", "Autogain" and "DC Filter" from the prefs to the master track.
  • Notecut (fx) and retrigger command (0exx) combination behavior changed to a more logic behavior (now retrig is cut at tick fx).
  • Moved "Save as default song" from Preferences to Song settings.


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