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Auganizer updated to v1.1


A major update for Auganizer has been released, bringing it to version 1.1. It adds numerous new features and addresses all known issues.

The Auganizer team said "This release is all about adding compatibility and functionality across the board. We've made lots of changes on the backend of the software to cater for just about every plugin out there. Everything is silky smooth and running great and we've added a whole bunch of features since v1.01."

New features include the ability to free up disk space by applying all changes to your system folder after editing. Logic presets are now attached to plugin renames thus following them around no matter how to choose to name your setup. Support of Novations Automap. Full compatibility with Garageband 10 and new actions to restore to a pre-auganizer state if required amongst many others, a full change log can be found on their website.

The software has fixed all known bugs with plug-ins whilst adding the new features above and the software developers said "We're very happy with Auganizer 1.1, we brought forward a lot of features planned for the future to accommodate the way some plugins work which means we're ahead of our planned roadmap and yet we will lots of ideas to implement going forward. Auganizer 1.1 is solid, reliable and feature packed."

Auganizer v1.1 is available now from auganizer.com for $34.99.



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