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LinPlug updates Alpha to v3.3 and Octopus to v1.3.4


LinPlug has updated its Alpha synthesizer plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows to v3.3.


  • new, scale-able User Interface.
  • new full window bank/preset browser.
  • undo / redo functionality.
  • noise now in three colours: white, pink and brown.
  • prev/next switch for browsing through oscillator waveforms.
  • pitch bend range now saved per preset.
  • matrix now with 11 slots.
  • filter drive/saturation now as destination in the matrix.
  • main pan position now as destination in the matrix.
  • new random and alternate modulation sources.
  • all LFO now with same features.
  • controller mapping for modulation wheel and aftertouch/pressure.
  • several new setup options.

LinPlug has also updated Octopus, to v1.3.4, a minor update that fixes a bug which caused microtonal settings to be lost when restoring a project.



Discussion: Active
16 April 2014 at 1:47pm

The new user interface in XL is really nice for tired eyes :)

Unfortunately there is a lot of clicking in mono mode, nor is there retriggering in mono mode.

In the matrix it would be better to have separate targets for waves A and B of each oscillator.

A further cool target would be envelope attack for filter and amp.

PW control via the matrix is a bit clumsy, but at least it is there via symmetry :)

I don't think per preset settings should be on the options page, but right there on the main panel.

I don't like the ADSR control layout, either. They should somehow be set apart from the other knobs as they all look the same. I would put the four ADSR knobs in one row. So the box gets wider, so put the LFO's and the per preset settings from the options page in an additional box row underneath the current boxes. When the wide LFO box is gone, you might make the oscillator box a bit wider and add a symmetry knob right for each wave. All of this should make the whole gui a bit more square, the current format is very wide.

Just suggestions :)

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