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Avid updates Torq to v2.0.1

Avid has updated Torq to version 2.0.1 which brings stability enhancements and workflow improvements to the creative DJ platform.

New Control Surface Support:

  • Behringer BCD3000.
  • Numark V7 (Partial Support – not fully mapped).

Bug fixes/Changes

Improved stability in the following areas:

  • Loading tracks and samples to decks and (TRQ-2379, TRQ-2501).
  • Adding files to database, playlists, and analysis (TRQ-2371, TRQ-2484, TRQ-2363).
  • Instability when switching skins (TRQ-2492).
  • Core engine stability (TRQ-2538, TRQ-2428, TRQ-2489, TRQ-2492, TRQ-2364).

Other fixes:

  • TRQ-2575 - Fixed issue where tracks downloaded from Beatport and other sources would not display waveform and BPM correctly.
  • TRQ-2545 - Fixed duplicate snapshot behavior.
  • TRQ-2397 - Fixed where songs analyzed in 1.5.x do not populate BPM in the Browser.
  • TRQ-2466 - Torq now reads iTunes libraries that 2.0 reported as corrupt.
  • TRQ-2544 - Fixed an issue that caused instant doubles to carry sync a state to decks under External Control causing a “Phantom Sync”
  • TRQ-2543 - Fixed an issue which caused a GUI mismatch between absolute and relative control mode.
  • TRQ-2483 - Fixed an issue where Torq would not activate with Avid Studio or Pinnacle Studio installed.
  • TRQ-2534 - Fixed an issue where certain audio files would not analyze correctly.
  • TRQ-2339 - Improved Database refresh behavior. Database now refreshes after adding a new folder to it if database is in focus.
  • TRQ-2514 - Ctrl Cmd on Mac + Quick Cue will now relocate track to cue and stop playback Internal control only.
  • TRQ-2498 - Corrected issue in database where some songs would incorrectly show up as missing.
  • TRQ-2493 - Off buttons now de-activate on MIDI note release instead of press.
  • TRQ-2488 - Improved GUI performance / Fixed issue where performance would degrade over time.
  • TRQ-2486 - Fixed issues relating to songs showing up in the Music Folder.
  • TRQ-2478 - Torq now saves Control Input selection, Range and Lock Key to Speed preferences.
  • TRQ-2468 - Instant double behavior under external control improved.
  • TRQ-2465 - External Meter MIDI pref now saved upon quit / relaunch. Public.
  • TRQ-2459 - Snapshot name now requires double click to edit.
  • TRQ-2454 - Improved scheme switching. Elements no longer disappear from a switch.
  • TRQ-2447 - Fixed issue where Comment 1 and Comment 2 fields would not retain data if text is entered when song is viewed in
    file tree.
  • TRQ-2446 - Improved Controller Assignment min/max value functionality.
  • TRQ-2438 - Enabling metronome will no longer cause certain systems with UAC to crash.
  • TRQ-2437 - Preview button no longer becomes disabled when scrolling through tracks.
  • TRQ-2434 - Torq will now retain custom playlist directory.
  • TRQ-2433 - M4P Protected Files no longer show up in Torq DB/iTunes, preventing crashes on load.
  • TRQ-2426 - Fixed issue where mapping some keystrokes to parameters would interfere with number based quick cues.
  • TRQ-2423/1419 - Crossfader transform now has visual feedback.
  • TRQ-2421 - “LoadTrackToDeck” moved to [Engine] [Deck 1 to 4].
  • TRQ-2412 - Repeat Capture button no longer triggers capture on release.
  • TRQ-2406 - Instant Double states are now saved, no longer reference own deck. Options are now reduced in 2 deck view.
  • TRQ-2399/2357 - Sampler Autosave directory no longer causes redundant samples to be created upon quit.
  • TRQ-2398 - Loading a track over a deck that has Lock Key to Speed enabled no longer results in Lock Key to Speed turning off but the Lock icon remaining on. GUI mismatch.
  • TRQ-2395 - Fixed an issue where the sampler button would stay lit after shift recording a sample.
  • TRQ-2394 - Loop state of Samplers are now remembered upon relaunch.
  • TRQ-2393 - Left and Right buttons on Sampler are now MIDI/Key mappable.
  • TRQ-2392 - Comment and Key fields will now intelligently sort numbers.
  • TRQ-2391/2410 - Browser will no longer lose focus when loading a track via MIDI or keystroke.
  • TRQ-2384 - Fixed crossfader curve GUI mismatch when closing and reopening Torq.
  • TRQ-2382 - Fixed an issue where controller assignment window would not update all elements when switching assignments.
  • TRQ-2381 - Improved track time refresh rate when scrolling through waveform overview.
  • TRQ-2378 - Fixed audio hang when switching sound cards on certain configurations.
  • TRQ-2376 - Improved MIDI device scanning behavior on OS X.
  • TRQ-2369 - Fixed issue where a GUI mismatch may occur with Sync and Master buttons when switching between 2 and 4 decks.
  • TRQ-2367 - Fixed some instantiated VST plugins not affecting the sound after relaunching Torq.
  • TRQ-2366 - Fixed quick cues button highlights not resetting after track reloads in Trial mode.
  • TRQ-2354 - Relearning snapshot assignment from MIDI controller to regular keyboard now unassigns the previous assignment.
  • TRQ-2317 - Unloading of deck multiple times no longer throws multiple warning messages.
  • TRQ-2311 - Fixed the play button still being active but playback is not running after deleting NS7 assignments.
  • TRQ-2248 - Torq now backs up deleted playlists.
  • TRQ-2235 - Adds tooltip for comments field. Tooltip will now display comment field content.
  • TRQ-2221 - MIDI and key quick cues now work correctly if used in conjunction with the set cue button.
  • TRQ-2157 - Clarified “iTunes Library” text in setup and preference page to minimize confusion.
  • TRQ-2122 - Fixed saved effect bank not having the correct "parameter" button state.
  • TRQ-2121 - Torq will now automatically save Sampler banks upon quit OSX.
  • TRQ-2038 - Instant double load speed improved. Previously loaded tracks will no longer re-load when instant doubled.
  • TRQ-2035 - Fixed ability to remove VST plugins from the ignore list.
  • TRQ-2009 - Fixed effects states not being remembered upon program launch.
  • TRQ-2007 - Fixed an issue where loading an effect over itself will cause the effect to reset but the GUI stays the same.
  • TRQ-1814 - Doubling from deck with external control enabled and paused causing doubled deck will now pause the deck instead of it playing back with -100% speed.
  • TRQ-1802 - Fixed sorting arrow direction in browser (reversed direction).
  • TRQ-1760 - Fixed issue with speed range changing automatically if turned on external control with controller vinyl.
  • TRQ-1646 - Improved external control playback with standard time stretching.
  • TRQ-1576/1925 - Improved behavior of VU meters.
  • TRQ-1573 - Improved display features with Denon DN-S3700.
  • TRQ-1566 - Improved GUI response time when controlled by MIDI.
  • TRQ-1155 - Fixed soft takeover for the speed adjust slider after deck is made the sync master.
  • TRQ-1095 - Fixed the double button looking active if switched "Double Deck" from loaded to unloaded.
  • TRQ-955/899 - Fixed issue with key transpose setting staying after loading another track.
  • TRQ-851 - Improved nudge sensitivity of track when playback speed is low.
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