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Avid updates Pro Tools to v12.8.3


Avid has updated Pro Tools to v12.8.3 for macOS and Windows.

Bug Fixes

UI Errors and Performance:

  • Fixed several issues with sluggish scrolling in the Edit Window (PT-233793, PT-234302).
  • It is no longer impossible to put Pro Tools windows into full-screen mode on macOS (PT-224376).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the System Preferences window to appear blank in some cases when switching to System Preferences from Pro Tools (PT-230592).
  • Improved performance of rapid zoom level changes using the "r" and "t" command focus shortcuts (PT-236029).
  • Improved smoothness of continuous timeline scrolling and visible counters during playback (PT-233894).
  • Improved the speed of showing and hiding tracks (PT-235182).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the cursor icon to reflect the wrong edit tool in some cases (PT-234418).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Edit window to turn white (PT-233578).
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Tracks to be dragged between playlists of a track in Playlists view (PT-236027).
  • The correct multi-mono linking controls are now displayed in multi-mono plug-in window headers when such a plug-in is instantiated following a mono to stereo format converting plug-in (PT-235434).
  • Fixed a UI issue that occurred in the Channel Strip plug-in when collapsing or expanding any of its processing tabs (PT-235721).
  • Fixed a case where the Delay Compensation indicator in the edit window failed to update after turning off Delay Compensation in the options menu (PT-235245).


  • Corrected the video sync offset for all non 29.97 based frame rates when using video hardware (UME-1365).
  • The video window no longer stays on top when toggling between applications on Mac OS (UME-1363).
  • Fixed a window ordering inconsistency when placing other floating windows on top of the video window on Mac OS (UME-1362).
  • Sending the wrong reference rate to video hardware will no longer put the video engine into a bad state (UME-1361).
  • The "Play Start Latency" Preference is now saved with the system, instead of the session (PT-216084).
  • Importing two videos that are copies of each other will now play (UME-1381).
  • Fixed an issue where MXF's generated from 3rd parties would display a black video window and no thumbnails (UME-1360).
  • Existing files are now shown in the Bounce to Disk destination folder on Windows OS's (PT-233125).


  • Fixed an issue that caused steep pan automation to play back incorrectly on tick-based tracks (PT-220728).
  • Fixed an issue that caused automation to be recorded incorrectly on VCAs that were controlled by other VCAs (PT-212202).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while writing VCA automation in large sessions (PT-223713).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause switching auto-height automation modes for 7.1.2 and Atmos Object panning to fail to add height to the signal (PT-235630).

Workspace and Relinking:

  • Tags input predictive search and typing to add Tags to audio files is no longer broken (PT-235340).
  • Fixed some cases when upon session open, Pro Tools could link to the wrong file audio file based only on its name and path (PT-235564, PT-233896).
  • Fixed an issue with manual relinking where files with duplicate names but differing metadata could appear identically in the "Select Files to Relink" pane of the Relink dialog (PT-234059).
  • Improved launch time for Pro Tools when the workspace database file is extremely large (PT-233544).


  • Fixed an issue where cutting or deleting a MIDI clip in clips or blocks view may leave notes behind (PT-235371).
  • SysEx events are no longer missing from the MIDI Event List (PT-235483).
  • Fixed an issue where notes in MIDI clips created using the Separate on Grid command may not copy and paste, duplicate, or repeat correctly when edited (PT-230167).
  • Using the "=" key on the numeric keypad for shortcuts to open the MIDI Editor, Score Editor, and MIDI Event list no longer fails (PT-208307).

Plug-ins and AudioSuite:

  • AudioSuite processing of clips no longer unexpectedly changes the clip color and mute status (PT-219927).
  • Fixed an issue where a "No Audio was Selected" error may occur unexpectedly when clicking in the timeline while previewing AudioSuite changes (PT-235176).
  • The Gain and Normalize AudioSuite plug-in windows now support plug-in settings presets (PT-206061).
  • Fixed an issue where the Time Adjuster plug-in did not correctly delay compensate for its offset value (AAX-1535).


  • Fixed an issue where the Quantize to Grid command did not apply on the first execution of the command (PT-236095).
  • Fixed an issue in sessions with more than 26 groups that could cause groups to lose their color if tracks were deleted (PT-225353).
  • Low Latency Monitoring no longer fails to work on surround format inputs (PT-207613).
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to Interplay and setting the Media Destination to Same as Source could export files to the incorrect workspace (PT-233284).
  • Fixed a crash that was frequently submitted to the crash log server that could occur when closing sessions (PT-235084).
  • Fixed a crash when expanding matched Field Recorder Channels to new tracks when the Field Recorder Guide Track has a send with Follow Main Pan turned on (PT-226516).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when auditioning a playlist in playlist view if it contained a multi-channel clip made up of combined mono clips of different lengths (PT-233140, PT-234253).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after importing multiple clip groups (PT-217499).
  • Silent installation of Pro Tools on macOS no longer fails to generate all directories and files needed (RELENG-2123).


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