Aviram Dayan Production

Aviram Dayan Production has released the
Aviram Arabic Strings v2.0 for Kontakt.


  • New Waveform - Time Start + Time End Sample Start Offset - using on this Bar To Control On sample start position, Or CC 78.
  • Names of related groups, When you click on one of Keyswitch,
    in Playing range EB-1 until AB0 (15 until 32).
  • The same attack and release like Performance Tab,
    And any value, Changes in real time on Performance Tab,
    (Excellent for Declicking and for Sample Start Position).

New Performance Tab:

  • New Micro Tuning + Arabic & Kurdish Scales.
  • Menu to all 2040 groups
    Volume to all groups + PAN to all groups
    + Solo Specific Group + Mute Some of Group Activists.
  • Tune: -12 + 12 Semitones To Each Group (separate) That Found In Articulation .
    Transpose General - Go Up One Octave : +1 octave For All Groups.
  • Solo group from Harmony Groups of Articulation - Sultan & Legato 2 & Cords
    (Choose Separate group, From Integration That Active in key switch Articulation).

RR-24 | Normal:

  • Staccato_RR_Bonus - 24 other groups of round robin (On or Off All).
  • General Solo to RR-24 (Out of all the articulation).
  • RR-24: Volume To All 24 Groups.

RR-24 | Down Octava:

  • Staccato_RR_Bonus - 24 other groups of round robin (On or Off All).
  • General Solo to RR-24 (Out of all the articulation).
  • RR-24: Volume To All 24 Groups.
  • General - Attack & Release for all The groups
    Release & Attack - Very Dynamic For All The Groups & Articulation,
    And Playing live, Together with RR-24 Or separately.
    You can use also with CC Number
  • Velocity - For All The Groups, Except from RR-24 (There is a Built-in).
  • Speed of Samples - that you can change For each Group or String from Articulation (It is important to say Not for any articulation) Only for short Sample wave (All Articulation Yes) Except from Sultan not (Sultan Mod up yes), Legato 1 & 2 not, Cords not.
  • New Portamento & Legato (next update).
  • General Help Info - If you're wondering, When you are
    Clicks on something, all the parameters are accompanied by help, In pictures or text.

New Reverb and Delay Tab:

  • New Reverb and Delay (like Aviram Music Box) + More interesting places.

Repairs sound and general:

  • Name Of Keyswitch: At the top (it will be in each Tab).
  • Colors In Playing Range, For keyswitches and Articulation,
    When you switch to different key.
  • Improving general Sound Quality.
  • fix "Spiccato" Articulation higher Octaves - not sound good.
  • Staccato_RR_Bonus - 24 other groups of round robin - On or Off All (new sound - new groups).
  • fix "Legato 1 and 2" Articulation - When you do a Pitch bend Automation in DaW Software (FL Studio) The sound sound like Flanger fx.


  • For Kontakt 5.5.2 and up.
  • 2.00 GB Installed.
  • 11085 Sounds.
  • Support Win + Mac Systems.

Price: $259.





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