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barrattaudio releases Equavescent3 - 10 Band Parallel Equalizer for Mac & Win


barrattaudio has announced the release of Equavescent3, a ten band parallel equalizer designed for maximum clarity of sound. barrattaudio asked Equavescent2 users what they would like and then tried to implement it.

Our new features include:

  • Equal volume mode (auto matching of volume when varying Q). Volume adjustments proportional with Q has been a mild feature since Version1, but users suggested having it in a switch. Shift clicking a band on will now help you refine your eq settings. In this equal volume mode, changing Q will not change the relative volume of the band. This allows users to set the tone of an equaliser easier.
  • Adjustable left and right frequency in graph view.
  • Scalable gain and frequency in graph view.
  • Control click soloing of bands.
  • Frequency can follow keyboard notes in the graph view. There is also a keyboard showing notes in the graph view.

barrattaudio have included new innovative algorithms to give you new 3.0 filters. They have also included past legacy filters in Equavescent3. These filters started in January 2014 with the original "natural 12dB slope". Users can now explore this evolution of their impulses and pick and choose what suits their needs.

Version 3.0 impulses mathematically take the transients of biquad filters and combine them into precise FIR filters. These new filters preserve the transient. They make some traditional FIR filters sound like a band of white noise, according to barrattaudio.

Price: $100. Equavescent3 is available for 32- and 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows in VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit plugin formats.



Discussion: Active
7 August 2015 at 12:02am

Check out Gearslutz under Equavescent2. Users are discussing the pro and cons and most importantly the sound of this thing.



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