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NAMM 2020Behringer announces eleven new System 100M Eurorack compatible modules


Behringer has announced eleven new Eurorack compatible modules – all of them authentic reproductions of original "System 100M" circuitry from 1975.

With ultra-fat oscillators and creamy filters the sound became famous in the early 80s used by artists like Depeche Mode, Human League, Tears For Fears but also Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and even Aphex Twin.

If you're into super-fat bass sounds, in-your-face leads or flowing soundscapes, check them out. All modules are feature rich, have tremendous patching capabilities and a lot of them come with dual function, like:

  • 112 dual oscillator with 3 waveforms, PWM and two sync modes.
  • 121 dual filter with 3-channel mixer per filter.
  • 130 dual VCA, again with dual 3-channel mixers.
  • 140 dual envelope has 3 outputs per ADSR plus a built in LFO that can be triggered and phase synced.
  • 173 gates module comes even with four gates that can switch audio and 6 quad buffered multiples.
  • 297 has a dual portamento controller plus two independent CV mixers.
  • 150 brings a ring modulator, 2 noise generators, syncable LFO and a sample and hold generator.
  • 172 module delivers a 6-step phase-shifter, an analog delay, an LFO and a gate delay.
  • 305 is an output module a four-band parametric EQ, a 4-channel mixer, line and separate headphone output and even a tuning oscillator.
  • 182 there is a powerful analog sequencer with either dual 8 steps or 1-16 steps and tempo, portamento and gate time controls.
  • 110 is a complete synth voice with VCO, VCA and filter in a single module.

Prices will range between $49 and $99 USD per module.




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