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BigTick updates Zen Universal Presets Manager to v1.6.1


BigTick has announced the release of version 1.6.1 of Zen, the free Universal Presets Manager.

Changes since v1.5.x:

  • Allow to edit the name of a local preset.
  • Moved everything to VSTGUI4.
  • Made volume control more visible.
  • Dropping a plugin file for an existing synth automatically activates this synth.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when the hosted plugin has more I/O than Zen.
  • Fixed scrollLists smoothness when using mouse wheel.
  • assignment for sliders 7 & 8 were not saved properly.
  • user fields could not be edited.
  • crashes with Reaper (and probably other hosts that don't unload the dll dynamically) when the last instance was removed.
  • Zen would sometimes lock up when an http exception was received.
  • crashes when deactivating a synth, while Zen is downloading presets for this synth.


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