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BlauKraut Engineering updates Charlatan to v1.2

BlauKraut Engineering

BlauKraut Engineering has updated Charlatan to version 1.2.


  • New feature: LFO sync to host tempo.
  • New feature: Set LFO phase at song start (applies also to non-synced LFO rates!).
  • New feature: DCO ("Digitally controlled oscillator") switch (see readme.txt).
  • New feature: Osc1 shape parameter now applies lowpass/highpass filter to noise source (center position yields white noise). Note: no shape modulation for noise.
  • Improved filters: better solver for nonlinear zero-delay feedback (credits to Teemu Voipio aka mystran), and nicer saturation characteristic.
    ATTENTION: Patches with high resonance could sound slightly different than with previous versions!. Adjustments of resonance, oscillator levels and master volume might be necessary.
  • Improved UI graphics.
  • Legato mode: only retrigger LFO delay on non-legato notes.
  • Bug Fix: reset all voices when playback starts.
  • Some more presets.


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