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Bogus Noise updates Compère to v1.0.5 - A/B Testing Visualiser & Mixdown Assistant for Mac & Win

Bogus Noise

Bogus Noise has announced that Compère, an A/B testing visualiser and mixdown assistant, has been updated to v1.0.5 with a few bug fixes and a new time/beat and bar display on the beat-syncable oscilloscopes.

As we haven't mentioned Compère before, here's what they say about it:

Compère is geared towards fast switching and straightforward visualisation of source and reference input signals. Can't quite put your finger on what's missing from your mix down? Compère can help show you.

Simply place Compère on your master channel, send a reference ghost track to the sidechain input, adjust the reference trim to match the source and enjoy immediate A/B comparison between the two.

Two oscilloscopes and two spectral displays are at the heart of Compère. The oscilloscopes can be synchronised to the host tempo, ranging from zoomed out to 16 bars for a wide tracking overview, right down to a single beat for detailed work. Two spectral displays show you what the frequencies are doing, and with adjustable decay rate and number of bands you can tune it to your own preferences.

Moving the mouse over the visualisation areas brings up crosshairs to show you exactly the frequency, note and amplitude information for that pixel, duplicated to the other channel for ease of use. Both displays can be frozen at the click of a button, or just freeze the reference channel for a visual snapshot.

Blind mode A/B testing is possible by clicking the blind button, which disables the visualisers, mutes the output for a moment to let your ears reset, and then selects one of the input signals at random.

Stereo volume meters and a dynamics section with Peak, RMS and Crest readouts show you the dynamic range of your input signals, with an adjustable window for taste.

The output is switchable between mono and stereo and the left and right channels can be swapped to highlight any phasing or stereo image imbalance.

Finally, an optional low-pass filter is applied to the master output, tuned for checking those bass frequencies so you can focus on what's going on in the low end.

Compère can be freely resized to match your available space, leaving screen estate for other plugins or stretching across an entire monitor.

Feature summary:

  • Single A/B button to instantly switch between source and reference channels.
  • Twin oscilloscope and spectral displays for side by side comparison.
  • Mouseover crosshairs on oscilloscope and spectral displays, with information readout and duplicated on the opposite panes.
  • Single view mode to use Compère as a track visualiser.
  • Fully resizable interface.
  • Oscilloscopes free running or syncable to the host BPM.
  • Freeze displays for both channels or just the reference.
  • Accurate Peak/RMS/Crest meters.
  • 12dB Resonant low-pass filter for focussing on the low end.
  • Quickly crossfades to prevent unwanted pops and clicks.
  • Mono/Stereo mode and left/right channel swapping to check your stereo image.
  • Blind testing mode with adjustable silence length.
  • Optimised for low CPU usage.

Compère is on sale now at an introductory price of £42.99 for the next two weeks, or a special price of £34.99 for Heavyweight Bass members (Facebook Group). After 19th March it will go up to the regular price of £49.99. A time limited demo is available which runs for 30 minutes, with a one month trial period.



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