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Bogus Noise updates Compère to v1.1.0

Bogus Noise

Bogus Noise has updated Compère to version 1.1.0 with a range of tweaks, fixes and new features:

  • Added Monitor Split option for setting B Input Trim.
  • Blind mode delay fixed.
  • Phase invert fixed.
  • Tweaked colours of the Oscilloscope and Spectral Display scales to aid visibility, particularly for waveform peaks.
  • FFT overlap maximum value increased to 99%.
  • Preferences Window can now be moved around the interface.
  • Removed subdivision ticks from around the Sync Mode Scope Range knob.
  • Tidied and optimised oscilloscope performance and look at high zoom levels.
  • GUI no longer broken on Retina displays (true Retina compatibility to be added later).
  • Added slower/held analysis to background of Spectral Display.
  • Fixed a couple of glitches in the FFT display.
  • Spectral Display can now display amplitudes down to -196dB.
  • Added rubber band feature to Oscilloscope to show length of selection in milliseconds.
  • Added cents to Spectral Display pitch readout.

Price: £49.99.



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