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Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases GuitarScaped 3 and GuitarScaped Bundle libraries in multiple formats


Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes has announced the release of its new GuitarScaped 3 and GuitarScaped Bundle libraries in multiple formats.

The GuitarScaped series are ambient guitar soundscapes instruments for adding ambient backgrounds and tensions to any project audio related: video production, game audio, music like dark ambient, etc. Good for underscoring or making backing tracks for ambient guitar players.

GuitarScaped 3

Unlike its predecessors (GuitarScaped 1 and GuitarScaped 2) GuitarScaped 3 consists only of extra long loops which have (XL) in their name and duration of 60 seconds and over (good for evolving ambiances). 5 example Kontakt multis are included but it's easy to create your own. Since all instruments use long loops but with different lengths, multis will continue to evolve and change for a very long period of time without repeating making ever changing texture/soundscape.

GuitarScaped 3 Content in detail:

  • 32 Kontakt patches (+5 multis) (full version 5.4.1 and up required *not player version*).
  • 32 sfz patches (Sforzando, One Small Clue Grace, Zampler-RX, Wusik Station etc).
  • 32 WAV (24-bit 44,1 kHz) key labeled Loops (very very long, 60 seconds and over).
  • About 591 MB size (demo available).

Price: £8.57 (current intro price 50% off: £4.28). All other GuitarScaped volumes have the same discount during the intro sale.

GuitarScaped Bundle

3 libraries: GuitarScaped & GuitarScaped 2 & GuitarScaped 3 (3 volumes for the price of 2).

Content in detail:

  • 192 Kontakt patches (+25 multis) (full version 5.4.1 and up required *not player version*).
  • 192 sfz patches (Sforzando, One Small Clue Grace, Zampler-RX, Wusik Station etc).
  • 192 WAV (24-bit 44,1 kHz) key labeled Loops (very long).
  • About 1.95 GB size.

Price: £17.14, during the intro period it also has a discount to reduce the price even more by 20% off = £13.72.

Upgrades from at least 1 GuitarScaped volume are possible, contact Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes for upgrade pricing (further discounts available). Upgrades will be processed manually.

Video Demos:




Audio Demo:






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