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Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases the 8th Year Free Pack: Ambient Guitar Clouds


To celebrate Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes' 8th anniversary they have released the 8th Year Free Pack: Ambient Guitar Clouds, a sample/loop pack that consists of recordings of live guitar looper sessions featuring atmospheric ambient guitar loops, drones, textures, and soundscapes.

Similarly to the Ambiloop Live, the Ambient Guitar Clouds sample pack explores the technique of asynchronous looping too, which is layering tape loops of differing lengths, no BPM, and all non-synchronous loops. With that technique, it creates an ever-evolving soundscape.


  • 9 kits (with varying amounts of main loops plus bonus loops in each):
    • 146 key-labeled WAV loops in 24-bit 44.1 kHz - 1.86 GB unzipped.
    • Loops durations are long, total 2h 06 min 12 sec.
    • Each kit represents a single looper session and inside each is a Bonus folder, those are loops created afterward with heavy processing of original recordings.
  • 38 presets for Robotic Bean Portatron as multi-instances async. looping and 6 as regular single instance presets - 627 MB unzipped. Requires Robotic Bean Portatron v1.2.

A user isn't tied to use all loops/presets from the same folder, loops in the same key can be combined from any other folder. All WAV files can be also loaded in any sampler that accepts standard WAV files or can be used as plain loops in its entirety or parts of it.

If you are feeling generous you can donate, otherwise, the product is free - use the code 8th-year at checkout for a free download.

Video demo: YouTube/0Jp32lDUXCk

Audio demo 1: SoundCloud.com/boyssound-e-scapes/8th-year-free-pack-audio-1

Audio demo 2: SoundCloud.com/boyssound-e-scapes/8th-year-free-pack-audio-demo



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