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Brainspawn forte: Ensemble and Quartet 1.0 now available


brainspawn forte: Ensemble and Quartet 1.0 now available

forte is a "virtual instrument rack" for soft-synth plugins, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware MIDI sound modules.  forte is optimised for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI routing capabilities, and unique live performance features. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple Simultaneous Soft-Synths, MIDI Inputs, and Soundcard Outputs:
    • Play an entire ensemble of MIDI controllers into a rack of soft-synths.
    • "Ensemble" model supports up to 32 soft-synths in a rack and up to 32 WDM soundcard outputs.
    • "Quartet" model supports up to four soft-synths in a rack and one WDM soundcard output.
  • Advanced MIDI Control:
    • Create complex MIDI keyboard splits and layers across multiple soft-synths.
    • Remap MIDI preset, channel, and controller data independently on each soft-synth for maximum control.
    • Remotely change patches and scenes from MIDI input devices.
  • Scene support: Use multiple "scenes" in a rack to rapidly change MIDI and audio routing, synth patches, and effects settings between songs.
  • Audio Effects: Add multiple audio effect plugins to soft-synths and audio buss outputs.
  • Ultra Low Latency: forte uses WDM soundcard drivers to enable MIDI-to-audio latency comparable to or better than hardware sound modules. In many cases, latency is so low you can play MIDI drum pads into soft-samplers with high accuracy.
  • Hands-off Operation:
    • Configure forte to start automatically on boot-up and load the last-used rack. This means you don't need keyboards, mice, or even a monitor to get forte running.
    • Change scenes or patches remotely from MIDI controllers.
    • Use SceneView to see the scene list in full-screen large font.
  • Access to Favourite Sounds: Organize your favourite soft-synth and effects patches using favourites lists, recently-used lists, and MIDI automation.

Both models of forte are now available at special introductory prices: forte: Quartet $79 and forte: Ensemble $189 (US)

To download the forte: Ensemble DEMO version, visit http://www.brainspawn.com/products/forte/forte: Solo is also available for free download.



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