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Brainspawn releases Forte v1.5.85


Brainspawn has updated Forte to v1.5.85.


  • Added the ability to configure a CC pedal or button to advance to the next scene or go back to the previous scene. See the Setlist Manager for configuration.
  • Fixed a problem where forte could hang due to logging of unsupported ASIO callbacks.
  • Fixed several VST plugin compatibility issues:
    • EnergyXT will no longer crash when reloading a rack containing the integrated sequencer.
    • HALion will restore the proper bank settings when changing scenes.
    • Rekliner Records Loopy Llama VST plugin can now be hosted.
  • Fixed a bug involving the scroll buttons used to set the Key Range.
  • Fixed a problem with mouse-based tap tempo that makes the tempo more stable and avoids a problem where fast clicks were interpreted as double clicks, resulting in 1/2 tempo.
  • Fixed an indexing issue on the Advanced Routing Dialog when MIDI Ports were disabled.
  • Fixed a problem where the scene option "Do not use per-Scene configuration data" could be stuck in the checked position.
  • Fixed a problem where, if MIDI sync stopped and restarted, the sync tempo would dip toward zero before recovering.
  • Fixed a crash when using ReWire devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused MIDI data (Scene Commands, MIDI Presets, etc) to not be applied when a Rack was loaded.
  • Fixed a case where VSTs could lock up the forte user interface.
  • The Keyboard Training window stays open until both notes are received.


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