Bremmers Audio Design

Bremmers Audio Design has released version 3.7 of MultitrackStudio for iPad.

New in version 3.7:

  • 'Export tracks to audio files...' is renamed to 'Export audio stems...'. It can now export groups as well, and there's an "Include track effects" button.
  • Tuner has Pianoroll mode.
  • Tuner: pitch detection is more reliable, meter is easier to read, reduced CPU usage.
  • Quantize and custom grid resolutions can now be something like "2 in 3/8", which would be duplets. Until now the "3" in this example could only be "1".
  • MIDI Controller editors: Dots Editor now has 'Straight Line' option, it connects the first and last selected dots using a straight line.
  • Track sidechaining: a track that is sidechain source now still sends sidechain signal if its Mute button is engaged. A track that consumes a sidechain can now be soloed with working sidechains. And it's now easier to use a track as sidechain source only (until now you had to route it to a muted group to mute it). (Pro Extension).
  • External MIDI instruments: patchmap can now be set to 'None', this may be more convenient than using a patchmap for a different device.
  • External MIDI instruments: the Bank:prog box now accepts something like MSB:LSB:2 (the bank will be calculated from the MSB and LSB values).
  • Fixed: Importing audio files: file names starting with a space caused problems.


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