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Compositor Software releases Compositor v9 Hypervisor

Compositor Software

Compositor Software has released Compositor v9 Hypervisor DRM server software.

Compositor v9 server creates a service of work with property rights of companies, which deliver the digital media content. When computer station works, DRM server allows dynamically playback the media content in radio ether. Compositor v9 Hypervisor playbacks digital material using streaming method in the device browser to achieve this goal. Compositor v9 Hypervisor engine is the functional modern engine with transfer function on master output and on each channel separately.

Founder and CEO, Ruslan Yusipov says "It is not the wavetables but tunable polynomials, which process the output of Compositor v9 Hypervisor channel. Output cascade uses non-linear transformation formula with mathematical approximation by weighting coefficients. It gives indisputable advantage in processor time and in the precision of calculations comparing to using wavetables."

Price: There are five upgrade plans from previous versions of Compositor starting from €611.41 for Compositor v5 Hypervisor and Compositor v7 Hypervisor users. Full version of Compositor v9 Hypervisor costs €1,140. All at the Compositor Software Web Shop.



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