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Cut Through Recordings releases M4 Multiband Compressor V2

Cut Through Recordings

Cut Through Recordings has upgraded M4 Multiband Compressor to version 2.

Summary of changes:

  • Fine-tuned Input/Output meters.
  • Smoother and easier to read meters.
  • Text display of input and output levels.
  • 3 new presets (Soft-Master, 4-Band Limit, and Low-End Control).
  • Compressor gain controls now use dB.
  • Output gain control.
  • Improved auto-gain.
  • Text for frequency-crossovers is easier to read.
  • New handles for frequency crossovers.
  • Compressor ratio now goes up to 100.
  • Improved text for parameter values.

The way that parameter values are displayed has received an upgrade. The precision of the decimal shown changes as the size of the number increases.

Soft Master is set up to apply minimal compression across the bands with attack and release times tweaked to fit each band. 4-Band Limit applies a ratio of 100 to all 4 bands and drops the threshold, and attack time down to catch nasty transients. Low-End Control showcases the movable cross-overs for the compressors and demonstrates how you can use M4 to have control over the low end of a track.

Price: $20.



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