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Devine Machine Software releases Lucifer v2.0

Devine Machine Software

Devine Machine Software has released version 2.0 of Lucifer, the loop manipulator VST effect-instrument for Mac OS X and Windows.


  • Constrained-Randomization over loop re-arrangement and effects.
  • Load and Save audio loops (AIFF/WAV - path to file will store in preset/host).
  • All Graphs have the option to send MIDI out (definable CC's or even a monophonic note stream).
  • 24 GraphSets instead of four.
  • 97 new DSP FX licensed from Vellocet (Moog Filter, SVF, phasers, flangers, combs, reverb, etc).
  • New waveform displays show the input/output (toggle control) behind the graph.
  • Multiple outputs (4).
  • New MIX switch allows for capturing sync'd loops for manipulation and/or export (current/previous/next pass).
  • 4 buffer locations for the ability to switch playback between different loaded files or live input captures.
  • Assignable X-Y Controller.
  • "OFFSET" keys (C6-D#7, non-incarn) to displace entire playbuffer by buffer-16ths.
  • 7 menu-assignable notes instead of 2 (c2-b2).
  • Support for 48 and 96k in addition to 44.1.
  • Improved sync.
  • ...much more.

The price for Lucifer v2.0 is now $99.99 but you can still buy it at the Lucifer 1.x price of $66.66 for the next month or so. Demo versions and a new manual are available for download.



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