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Lucifer updated to v1.2.1

Devine Machine Software

Devine-Machine Software have updated Lucifer (and the demo version) to 1.2.1.

  • Graph/buffer length is now adjustable (1/2/4/8 bars).
  • 16 Loop-Offset keys: Middle C (and the next 15 keys) provide "offset positions" which make for a lot of loop reordering possibilities (rhythmic displacement in the buffer).
  • An animated cursor line now shows graph position.
  • PingPong key: the 2nd C MIDI key (the one between the 16th and 32nd black-keys) now does a ping-pong playback on the held repeat.
  • Blend Knob: a synced crossfade between forwards and reverse, useful to remove a transient for a soft, sustaining loop.
  • Hyper Knob: Hyper- a multi repeat where the loop is played at 2x speed and 4x speed. The 1x is Lowpassed, 2x is bandpassed, 4x is hipassed. The knob controls the cutoff frequency).


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