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Dialog Audio launches Live, a live audio multi-stream service

Dialog Audio

Dialog Audio has launched Live, a multi-stream service to simultaneously stream live audio to different social media destinations such as YouTube and Facebook and content delivery networks (CDN).

The incoming audio signal is converted to a single stream within the Live Processor, which then sends the signal to a stream server. The stream server is responsible to re-stream the signal to all selected destinations. This setup requires a low upstream bandwidth, but many destinations can be served at the same time.

Multi-stream specifications:

  • Multiple RTMP destinations can be selected to stream to various social media platforms simultaneously (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The encoded audio is AAC with a bitrate of 128 kbps.
  • HLS can be selected to provide a direct stream link to the listeners via the Dialog Audio CDN. The audio will be encoded in AAC, with a bitrate up to 320 kbps.
  • Supported sample rates are 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz with a stereo channel layout.

Live is open for public beta testing and can be used by any person who wishes to live stream their audio, be it music, art or spoken word, to the public. The free of charge beta test stream license includes 25 hours streaming to 5 x RTMP and 1 x HLS until October 15th 2020.

After the beta test phase, two pricing models will be available:

  • pay-as-you-go starting from $ 1.00 USD per hour, for people who stream occasionally and only want to pay for what they use.
  • monthly subscription starting from $ 0.20 USD per hour, for people who want to stream regularly at a low price.


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