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discoDSP updates Bliss Sampler / VSTi recorder to 1.1


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discoDSP has updated Bliss, their sampler and VSTi recorder for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, to v1.1.

What's new:

  • New Bliss Library available at Members Area.
  • Mac standalone app.
  • 32 and 64-bit VST3 support.
  • Multi-out support selectable per zone (1 Master with effects and 4 individual outs).
  • Disk browser for searching and loading preset files on disk with pre hear and sample preview with metadata.
  • Rewritten voice management engine.
  • Easier license installation using drag and drop.
  • Full keyboard driven controls navigation and editing (move between controls with TAB / Shift+TAB, set knobs and sliders with arrows, enter value in text with ENTER).
  • Better focus indication on controls.
  • Added resample zone in sample editor.
  • Batch rename selected zones in sample editor.
  • Prettified balloon parameter display.
  • Improved look and feel of wave drawing and GUI controls.
  • Enhanced EXS import.
  • Exporting slices to MIDI adds .mid extension.
  • Fixed Linux file dialog issues.
  • Fixed note hangs.
  • Fixed legato/mono behavior.
  • Fixed crashes loading program from Bliss Online Library with Cubase 8.
  • Fixed problems muting output when switching presets in Cubase 8.
  • Fixed EXS24 import with notes stuck using MIDI keyboard.
  • Fixed sampling from Arturia SEM V or Spire.
  • Fixed sampling from Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra.
  • Fixed exporting instruments to sfz as .wav.wav instead of .wav.
  • Fixed association between the audio files and the .sfz.
  • Fixed replace program dialog appearing after dropping .zbp file into empty location.
  • Fixed sample window getting transparent when no samples are loaded.
  • Fixed sample window not clearing itself when no samples are selected.
  • Fixed sample window not fitting to performance window when it's set to be opened in the same area.
  • Fixed a problem with glide mode button not displaying when enabled.
  • Minor GUI fixes and enhancements.

Price: $99.

More information and demo downloads can be found at discoDSP Bliss page.



Discussion: Active
25 July 2016 at 1:53pm

Good update, thanks for all the fixes. Tested the Linux version this morning in Bitwig 1.3.12, great sound, flawless performance with multiple instances of Bliss. Nice work, George .

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