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djDecks updated to v0.96


djDecks has been updated to v0.96. With this version, various tag database problems have been fixed, support for Monkey's Audio files and MP4/M4A files has been added. It also adds some harmonic mixing tools such as key reading, showing current camelot scale, and changing key. You can now also create custom beatgrids for automatic beat-matching.


  • Added: Rating column to tag editor and playlist columns.
  • Added: Some harmonic mixing features: changing key, and showing/matching to camelot scale (Key tag has to be available in tag).
  • Added: Support for playback of Monkey's Audio files.
  • Added: Support for playback of m4a/mp4 files through DirectShow (when proper codec, such as DivX 7 for example is installed).
  • Added: Option to enable tempocontrol only while pitch-bending for inaudible beat-match corrections.
  • Added: Option to send midi MTC clock signal (for use in combination with DMX lighting software for example).
  • Added: Initial support for user-created beat-grids.
  • Added: Initial support for DJ-Tech i-Mix, DJ-Tech i-Mix Reload and DJ-Tech Kontrol One controllers.
  • Added: New EQ type Full Spectrum, which is a little stronger, and mid-eq better complements low and high eq -Improved: Automatic beat-grid detection.
  • Improved: Stanton DaScratch controller support.
  • Improved: Volume levels for samples are stored in the sampleset.
  • Improved: Tempocontrol quality.
  • Fixed: Problem switching decks on HS-5500 controller.
  • Fixed: Using MsPinky vinyl at samplerates other than 44.1khz.
  • Fixed: Problem with using stereo-offset for gapper effect.
  • Fixed: Some problems when activating tempo-control where pitch could get stuck.
  • Fixed: Playlist columns sometimes not correctly restored at startup.
  • Fixed: Importing m3u playlists with drag and drop.
  • Fixed: Problem with using scripts inside midi xml configuration.
  • Fixed: Various playlist, browser and search bugs.
  • Fixed: Preview player in playlist/browser not working correctly for DirectSound output modes.
  • Fixed: Playback of .cue files (.cue in combination with mix or cd-rip for example).


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