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EVAbeat Melody Sauce 2 Intro Offer

April 12, 2022

EVAbeat has announced the release of Melody Sauce 2 with an introductory offer price of $49 instead of $59 for the full version and $15 instead of $19 for the upgrade from version 1.

If you've ever struggled to come up with melody ideas or needed some melodic inspiration in your music making, Melody Sauce 2 will speed up your workflow with an unlimited and instant supply of unique, high-quality melodies created for you in a few clicks.

Melody Sauce 2's simple interface helps you create MIDI melodies in your DAW using the internal Sound Engine and FX, or by easily connecting to any software instrument. Simply drag-and-drop your MIDI melodies inside your DAW or work on them further using the new Advanced Editor section.

None of the melodies are pre-programmed, they are created for you based on the parameters you control using complex algorithms that are capable of creating a near-endless supply of melodic ideas.

And you don't need in-depth music theory knowledge to get the best out of Melody Sauce, just your ears.

Melody Sauce 2 is a massive overhaul of the original version, with a set of powerful new features:

  • Melody Sauce 2 is now a full melody creation solution, featuring a new Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds and 3 built-in FX so you can hear melodies straight out of the box using internal sounds, no need to route MIDI to other instruments.
  • New Style Mode with over 300 style settings, create melodies by genre for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House & Techno, Pop, Reggaeton and R&B.
  • New Advanced Editor lets you select specific chords for your melodies to follow, and to make detailed edits to your melodies bar- by-bar.
  • A host of additional controls including more options for loop length, octave, speed, save to favourites and more targeted output with the new 'Extra' buttons.
  • A new redesigned UI.
  • Improved melody algorithms, powered by our AI-powered Phrase Builder Engine.
  • Now compatible with all major DAWs, including those don't allow MIDI routing like Reason, Maschine 2, MPC Beats and GarageBand.


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