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ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.7.8


ExperimentalScene has updated DarkWave Studio to version 3.7.8.

Changes since v3.7.2:

  • Fixed a bug where ES Arpeggiator would not initialize correctly and not generate notes.
  • Fixed ES Arpeggiator timing bug.
  • Made studio area and scroll bars update when activating a machine's GUI.
  • Icon for VST Machines and VST path options changed to VST logo.
  • Fixed toolbar borders not drawing on window resize.
  • Changed text color of some controls.
  • Adjusted edit text borders.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when editing audio output options when ASIO support is enabled (the default) and no ASIO drivers present.
  • Updated compiler from GCC v4.5.2 to v4.6.1.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading the ES HD Recorder Track Machine when the DarkWave Studio window is small.
  • Modified waveform display of bundled native plug-ins 'ES Crunch' and 'ES Distort' for better visibility.


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