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Klanghelm updates VUMT to v1.5.7


Klanghelm has updated VUMT to version 1.5.7.

New features:

  • The VU meter now has adjustable rise/fallback and a unique overshoot parameter to enable you to emulate your favorite analog vu meter.
  • Additional PPM mode with adjustable rise/fallback.
  • VU reference level is now freely adjustable.
  • New stereo link button in the DUO version.
  • Additional switchable hold needle which shows the current max vu level.
  • Switchable numerical readout for the current vu level AND peak level.
  • Separate Mid/Side controls in the DUO version.
  • Lots of internal optimisations, which lead to much smaller file-size/RAM use (about 1/3 of VUMT 1.0).
  • Smoother and even more accurate needle animation.
  • Extended functionality of the peak/clip LED: the LED lights up yellow/orange when exceeding a user-defined level (your headroom) and turns red, when exceeding your (digital) clip level (adjustable from -1 to 0 dBFS in 0.01 steps).


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