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Expressive E releases Noisy 2 - MPE Synth Plugin

Expressive E

Expressive E has announced the release of Noisy 2.

Built for expression, Noisy 2 offers a new MPE mode that Expressive E says goes way beyond regular MPE integration - tts workflow was built for intuitive and expressive sound design, unleashing novel playing possibilities. To match its next-gen MPE abilities, Noisy 2 is powered by a sound engine based on new acoustic and analog resonators. This synth was made to be expressive with any MPE or classic MIDI controller and aims to bring a new expressive experience for sound designers and musicians.

Unlocking new playing gestures for MPE users

At the heart of its MPE mode, Noisy 2's expression blocks offer new playing possibilities for MPE users with trig modes. Inspired by its Osmose experience, these Trig modes are a powerful way to trigger envelopes: add sound impulses by accelerating your gesture downwards (push), upwards (lift), or alternating up and down (shake) at any point within the key's travel.

Easy expressive sound design

Noisy 2 has been built to make the expressive sound design experience fun and intuitive. Its workflow enables musicians and sound designers to intuitively choose their own way of interacting with the sonic dimensions of any preset. With a few clicks on the expression blocks, users can find the perfect balance between Pressure, Aftertouch, and the envelope generator to refine their personal expressive playing experience. Producers and musicians can now integrate new motions into their projects by sculpting sounds directly with their hands and fingers.

On top of deep MPE integration, Noisy 2 offers various ways to simply and creatively add motion to sounds. With both classic MIDI and MPE controllers, the Expression Control section can now deeply alter each layer of Noisy 2 and its two FX slots with a simple turn of a knob.

See what you play

Noisy's GUI was entirely revamped to display sounds in a new color-coded layout. An envelope and continuous control visualizer was integrated to help musicians clearly see how MPE shapes and modulates sound in real-time. The same care was also employed with Noisy 2's non-MPE mode. All modulations and expression controls are now clearly shown at any time.

Expressive sounds for everybody

Noisy 2 seamlessly interacts with any controller, offering expressiveness to MPE and classic MIDI controller owners. Made for Osmose and Touché, Noisy 2 works with any MPE controller, such as the Push 3, the Seaboard, the Linnstrument, and many more. Noisy 2 includes 500 new MPE presets, and 700 non-MPE presets for users with classic controllers also ship with it.

A characterful engine upgrade

Noisy 2's engine revolves around noise generators, exciting acoustic resonators that create previously unheard, expressive sounds. Noisy 2 expands a rich sound palette with new acoustic and analog colors: four new acoustic resonators, a new Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) analog resonator, four new flavored filters, a new feedback-loaded soft clipper, and new noise sources from field recordings.

Noisy 2 features:

  • High-powered synth engine that merges acoustic and synth sounds:
    • Noisy uses the organic properties of 21 noise sources to excite acoustic and analog resonators.
    • 7 distinct resonators combine physical modeling and analog synthesis (subtractive OSCs - comb filters, 4 modal resonators, PWM).
    • Bi-timbral synth with 2 sub-layers for each preset.
    • A dedicated FX section, built to react to modulations and gestures.
  • Next-gen MPE mode, based on gesture control:
    • Completely redefines sound interactions in a few steps.
    • Trig modes: expand the playing experience by unleashing 3 new types of envelope control.
    • 500 new presets designed explicitly for MPE controllers.
  • Superior expressivity for non-MPE controllers:
    • Deeply reshapes any sound with any controller.
    • Easy access to powerful modulations with 4 dedicated expression blocks.
    • Another set of new 700 presets purely designed for expressive control with non-MPE controllers.

Intro Sale: €/$89.40 (40% off / Reg. €149.00).

Noisy 1 users will be offered a preferred upgrade price. To take the offer, they should log into their Expressive E account. Existing Expressive E customers can also access personalized bundle deals from their accounts.

Noisy 2: YouTube/-meuQI-2PNI

Noisy 2 "Hear it in action": YouTube/SmFSwagGynM



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