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FabFilter releases updates for all plug-ins (New Pro-Q features)


FabFilter has released updates for all its plug-ins, adding new features to the Pro-Q EQ plug-in and the Timeless 2 delay plug-in, next to general improvements and bug fixes. New in FabFilter Pro-Q are an intelligent solo mode, a notch filter type and spectrum analyzer improvements, while FabFilter Timeless 2 has got a new wide interface layout option. Finally, all effect plug-ins now support the Pro Tools AudioSuite format, in addition to RTAS.

The updated plug-ins are fully compatible with previous versions, free for existing FabFilter customers, and now available on all formats and platforms: VST/VST 3, AU, RTAS/AS, Windows and Mac OS X, 32-bit and 64-bit. Updates and 30-day trial versions can be downloaded from www.fabfilter.com/download.

New features and bug fixes in FabFilter Pro-Q:

  • Added a notch filter type to cut very narrow bands in the frequency spectrum. Double-clicking in the bottom of the EQ display creates a notch band immediately.
  • Added an intelligent solo mode for EQ bands. Click and hold the solo button (in the parameter value display) to enter solo mode for the current EQ band. Now, you don't hear the effect of the EQ band itself, but instead you will hear the part of the frequency spectrum that is being affected by that band. Of course, the frequency range depends on the frequency and Q settings, and is visualized in the display as well.
  • Improved the built-in spectrum analyzer with smoother curves, a combined Pre+Post mode and customizable resolution and speed settings, accessible via the Analyzer drop-down menu in the bottom bar of the plug-in.
  • Added a 3 dB display range, useful for mastering purposes.
  • Added a small output level and clipping indicator in the bottom bar.
  • Improved the EQ display's rollover behavior: the parameter value display is now shown much earlier when you approach an EQ curve point, making it easier to view the band's settings and use the new solo button.
  • Fixed possible audible "plops" when selecting a different filter shape in an EQ band.
  • Fixed bug when Shift-dragging multiple selected points: this could accidentally deselect some of the points.

New features in FabFilter Timeless 2:

  • Added a new "wide" layout for the interface that eliminates scrolling in the component display in the top half of the plug-in. The resize button in the lower-right corner of the interface chooses between normal and wide layouts.
  • You can now change the default value of the Dry Enabled parameter, simply by clicking Options > Save As Default in the presets menu. This is useful for example if you always happen to use Timeless 2 as a send effect.

Other new features and bug fixes:

  • In addition to the RTAS format, all effect plug-ins are now also available in the AudioSuite format for Pro Tools.
  • All plug-ins are now Unicode-aware and correctly handle international characters on both Windows and Mac OS X, for example in preset folders and file names.
  • Improved the way parameter values with custom ranges and transforms are shown by Audio Unit hosts and Pro Tools (e.g. for automation purposes).
  • Added a Deauthorize option to the plug-in's Help menu, which makes it easy to delete your license key from a computer if needed.
  • In Twin 2 and Timeless 2: fixed bug that could cause the XLFO to run out of sync after a while.
  • In Twin 2 and Timeless 2: fixed bug that caused the XLFO Phase Offset parameter to work incorrectly in combination with random steps. Also improved sonic behavior when dragging the phase offset across its"circular" boundary.
  • In Twin 2 and Timeless 2: Improved mouse wheel scrolling and editing behavior.
  • In Pro-C and Pro-L: It's now possible to enter positive values in the parameter value display for knobs with a negative-only range (like Threshold or Output Level). So for example, typing "0.3" will also result in "-0.3 dB".
  • Fixed incorrect redrawing in the plug-in interface that could occur in some cases in Pro Tools on Mac, for example when selecting <factory default> from the Pro Tools-provided presets menu in the plug-in header.
  • Fixed bug that caused the help file to open only in the first instance of the plug-in.

System requirements for the 64-bit plug-ins are a 64-bit edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.6 (Intel only). The 32-bit plug-ins require either Windows XP, Vista or 7, or Mac OS X 10.4 and higher (PowerPC or Intel).



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